CBD Oil Stocks – How to Invest and What are the Risks?

Investing in CBD oil stocks is a good idea with the slow legalization of hemp and marijuana products around the world. Hemp is legal in the United States after the Farm Bill passed in 2018. It allowed for the growth of help plants for agricultural purposes and manufacturing purposes.

How legal is CBD?

If the resulting product contains less than 0.3 percent THC, it is a completely legal product across the United States. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a product that can be derived from hemp or marijuana, which makes it mostly legal across the country. CBD is a controlled substance in many states where it is only allowed with special permission from a medical professional.

CBD companies are increasingly popular to invest in as all kinds of companies are starting to make all kinds of products with it. There are lotions, dog treats, and CBD medical products. There is no right company to invest in, as 400 registered companies are trading or manufacturing companies to consider.

CBD Oil Stocks List and How to Invest

Some of the biggest names in CBD are easy to invest in through previously established brokerage accounts. The individual stocks can be purchased directly from the company.


Aphria Inc. is a Canadian CBD company that specializes in medical cannabis. They are dedicated to producing high-quality products to help create a healthier community. Morningstar gives them a three-star rating, and they can be invested in directly through the Aphria Inc company website’s “investors” link.


Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a Canadian company, which a wide variety of CBD, THC, Indica, Sativa, and hybrid products. The company produces a wide selection of CBD oil, dried cannabis, and soft gels for public consumption. Their CBD stock price has dropped considerably in the last several months. MorningStar lists the stock as strong “buy.” Selecting the “investor” link through their website can be invested indirectly.


Canopy Growth Corp. is another company located in Canada. They are currently the largest cannabis company in the world and produce many products to meet the growing needs of the market. They have multiple brands under their name designed to meet the needs and requirements of this growing market.

Morningstar lists them as a three-start company. Their stock has recently dropped in price because of overproduction during their second-quarter though they are still expected to continue their rapid expansion. They can be invested indirectly through the ” investors” link on their website.


New Age Beverage Corp is serving up a wide variety of products made with hemp, CBD, and marijuana out of Denver, Colorado. They are working with multiple science institutes to show the benefits of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical divisions of the company.

The company is listed through MorningStar as a three-star company. They can be invested in through their investor’s link on their website.


Golden Leaf Holdings is an innovative company with a lot of different branded CBD and hemp products on the market. They have multiple state-of-the-art growing operations around Canada and have started to expand their products into the United States. Their most recent announcement included the Launch of their latest farm Chalice Farm Chews located in Nevada.

Golden Leaf Holdings is a relative newcomer to the stock market, and they are still trading as a penny stock. Morningstar does give them a three-star rating for the quality of their company and the perspective of growth in their company.


Isodiol produces a large number of products, including CBD E-liquids and CBD beverage enhancements. They are expanding into coffees, and CBD flavored water. They are based out of Canada and are a relatively new company in the stock market.

Morningstar rates the company as a three-star company, and as they are a growing company. They are still a penny stock company, but they are still to be watched carefully for their future growth.


 Terra tech is a cannabis company that is working to grow the highest-quality products for medical cannabis products. They are based out of Irvine, California, and are developing advanced agricultural technology. They are also developing a controlled greenhouse growing industry.

 Their advancing technology has made Morningstar rating come to a three-star rating. They currently are on the financial climb and can be invested in through their website or a pre-established brokerage account.

What are the risks associated with investing in CBD stocks?

Canopy Growth stocks are currently holding steady in the market, but as with any commodity, they have their ups and downs. The semi-legal nature of a lot of the industry within the United States has caused trouble for a lot of the local industries as a lot of the manufactured products are not allowed to travel to certain states or through certain states.

It is best to establish the legality of CBD in your state of residence before investing or seeking out any of the CBD products. CBD products are expected to continue to rise in the coming future with the slow legalization of marijuana and associated products around the United States. There are risks with any investment, and the stocks listed here are only a handful of the multitudes inside and outside the country.

Final Thoughts

Careful, well-balanced, and researched investing is always a good way to diversify a portfolio. It is also a way to take part in new and rising networks and industries. Your financial assistance helps their growth. No investment is not without risk, and consulting with a financial advisor through an established broker can help you get started.