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The Universal Market Predictor Index (UMPI): The First Reliable Market Predicting Tool

Is it possible to predict stock market movements?

This question has been in investors' minds for as long as financial markets have existed. Who wouldn’t want consistently to be able to buy low and sell high? A tool that enabled an investor to make accurate predictions about market fluctuations would be invaluable in building wealth and financial freedom, for investors of any scale.

Conventional wisdom tells us that this dream can never be a reality. Almost every book about personal investment will tell you that attempting to time the stock market is a bad idea; that those who bet on predicting mass market movement will lose money. Even sophisticated market analysis tools and models are held to have no more accuracy than the toss of a coin.

But what if you could make better than average returns by accurately predicting shifts in the market?

No Such Thing as an Accurate Stock Market Forecast?

Over the years there have been many tools that have attempted to create a stock market outlook, or forecast the upcoming trends in order to take some of the risk out of investing. As a result, there's a natural skepticism when dealing with anything that claims to be an accurate stock market forecast or silver bullet that makes investment simple.

What makes UMPI any different?

  • - Our algorithm is better.
  • - We have a proven track record.
  • - There's little to no risk to you.

We've got a clearly documented success record and would love to walk you through it. Check out our "Proof & Results" page for screenshots and past results.

How does UMPI work?

Take Advantage of Stock Market Trends

Our algorithm can track stock market trends that would be humanly impossible to notice, ensuring that you are better informed as you analyse the stock market.

Algorithm-based Stock Market Predictions

Our stock market predictions are not fool-proof, but are reliable with greater accuracy than any other system on the market. Use it to supplement good investment practices and succeed!

Stock Market Timing Recommendations

Market timing is one of the most tricky or risky elements of investment, and most recommend not even trying. If you COULD accurately time the stock market the potential for profit is HUGE.

Try it out, Risk Free!

Again, we understand if you're a little skeptical. You should understand, though, that there is no risk to you in trying UMPI out. We offer a generous 6 month trial for FREE. This isn't some sort of try-and-buy trap, we won't take your credit card info until you choose to buy our paid product, which is also priced very affordably.

Why wait? Sign up for the free trial today! As an incentive for anyone willing to try out our paid version, we'll give you a discount if you opt to go straight for the paid subscription:

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