Tips for Navigating a Stock Market Correction


Playing the stock market can lead to capital gains in various ways as each investor or trader must develop their own strategies. Swing traders emphasize technical analysis while long-term investors focus on financial fundamentals. Sometimes an Initial Public Offering (IPO) can pay off nicely in a short time. Another strategy is to play for gains from market reversals. Here’s what to know on navigating a stock market correction.

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Top Penny Stocks for 2021

5 Penny Stocks That Are Poised for Large Growth

Most people consider penny stocks to be a gamble at all times. Others see them as a way to set up a scam like a pump and dump, just not on the level of what happened with the GameStop stock. Doing the right research can find hidden gems that can raise in value, though this can take years even if the company is somewhat of a household name. These are purchases that a person needs to make sure they can be patient with, both in whether they make the buy and when they will sell them for chances at profit.

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How to Protect Your Money from a Stock Market Crash

In the world of finance, some would argue that keeping money is as difficult, if not more so, than making it in the first place. The stock market has been trending higher for years now, likely making many investors millionaires in the process. The problem now, however, is that many of those newly-minted millionaires may not know when to get out of the market that built their fortune and could risk losing all or a large portion of the gains made in recent years.

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Recommended Types of Trading for New Stock Traders

UMPI Types of Stock Market Trading

The team at UMPI has put together a list of the most popular and recommended types of trading for new stock traders. These strategies include Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Intraday Trading. We will be looking at some of the pros and cons for each variation of trading and try and explain why certain strategies are used by newcomers to the stock market.

It is probably a good idea to start with Day Trading because a lot of people are probably familiar with this concept. We will start by taking a look at the positive and negative effects of day trading and what you should expect when day-trading as a beginner.

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UMPI Explains Blockchain Stocks

UMPI Explains Blockchain Stocks

The blockchain is one of the most industry-disrupting technologies in recent memory. A blockchain is defined as a record of transactions made in a cryptocurrency that is maintained across several computers in a peer-to-peer network. Although mostly used for banking, it allows developers to create decentralized platforms to solve nearly any problem caused by centralized authority systems like governments or private institutions.

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Common Stock vs Preferred Stock – Similarities, Advantages, and Disadvantages

If you want to be successful as an investor, you need to educate yourself about any investment options you might want to consider in the future. Given the popularity of stock investing, there’s an excellent chance at least a portion of your investment portfolio is going to include stocks. If that’s indeed a possibility, you have to think about your knowledge base regarding stock investing.

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Robinhood Dividends – How do they Work and how do you Buy Dividend Stocks on Robinhood?

More investors every day are discovering the Robinhood stock brokerage and mobile app, which provides a no-fee, no-commission brokerage account for low volume traders. Beginner investors can benefit from Robinhood’s services by practicing with small amounts of money without suffering the drawdown of excessive trading costs.

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