Managing your investments in bull market

Investments in bull marketHow long has the bull market been raging? Will it last forever? How do you know when to sell a mutual fund to maximize your return on investment (ROI)?This post is going to discuss some of the nitty gritty aspects of managing your investments in bull market.

Billionaires understand that picking the right stocks is only part of the challenge. You also must time your exit to optimize your profits. Is it time to get out of the stock market?

Stock Market Profits
Greed and fear are two emotions that can prevent you from determining when to sell a mutual fund. You see everyone else making money and get greedy. This can cause you to lose your money when a bear market arrives.

Is a market correction around the corner? In 2008, stocks plummeted -40% and many investors lost a great deal of money. When should I sell my assets to protect my gains? Continue reading “Managing your investments in bull market”

Predicting Financial Markets for Successful Personal Investment

An old aphorism goes something like this: the poor man saves while the rich man invests. No one ever developed great wealth through scrimping and budgeting. Saving your money is important, but it is only as important as the investments you can make with the money you stash away. Letting your funds linger in a savings account, collecting half-a-percent interest every year is no way to earn a fortune—or a retirement. The question is, do you let your funds gather dust, or do you take a shot at predicting financial markets, and potentially reap the reward.

You have to let your money work to earn you more money, but how?

Prediction is the cornerstone of investment

Predicting Financial Markets - UMPI
You Don’t Have to Be Warren Buffet to Make Money Investing

A lot of people are afraid to put their money in the stock market because, while they may be talented in whatever field they work in, they’re not well educated in how stocks, shares, and other financial instruments work. If your eyelids get heavy trying to read the business section, don’t worry—you’re not
alone. Millions of average people build their retirements, develop their nest eggs, and grow their wealth through market investments every year. Continue reading “Predicting Financial Markets for Successful Personal Investment”